Beginning at a young age, dance offers much more than the mere learning of steps, techniques and choreographies. Once parents realize the power and prospects that their children’s preoccupation with dance offers, then the results are essential to the child’s psyche and cultivation and will accompany them for the rest of their lives.

Dance is the only activity that synchronizes mind, body and soul, bringing them in perfect harmony. With this function in mind and with the mental discipline that should be applied to the student by the instructor as a fundamental factor, the child learns, first of all, the basic principle of functioning in life: discipline through communication of mind, body and soul.

If parents and instructor succeed in winning the child’s mind and convince them that dance is not mere fun – yet neither compulsory – then the child can be reborn through dance and redefine themselves in all aspects of their schooling years.

The thin line concerning all of the above, the key to success, is choosing the right instructor: one who operates conscientiously and responsibly regarding their work. Not all instructors are able to teach children and this is also a sensitive issue. Parents should be careful when making this choice; taking care not being over-protective – nor indifferent.

The basic criterion should not be the imposing of parents’ own insecurities and guidelines on the instructor; nor should it be a simple choice based on time convenience and the rest of their activities. Choosing an instructor wisely means finding a person with experience, knowledge on child psychology, communication skills, sensitivity and strength.

In this very young age, the instructor’s strictness is a fundamental teaching element; yet it should always be balanced and accompanied by the transmutation of joy and pleasure. Should this basic dual teaching role cease to exist, then not only the beneficiary results for the student cannot take effect but, on the contrary, the outcome can be very negative. Parents will come to realize all the valuable results of dance as fundamental training for the child in time. The correct dance training of the child constitutes an investment for their character in present and future. Therefore, invest wisely; and trust dance for all that it can offer – always with the right moves and the correct, patient steps!


Theodora Satolia


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